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Repair and protect your driveway

Innovative Stone: When it comes to surfacing concrete, Innovative Stone is simply the most innovative tool to saving you time and money.  There are few in Calgary who actually understand the issues and problems of concrete, and the most simple explanation is that concrete is not a perfect product. Concrete just comes with a set of issues and problems that we all have to deal with. Understanding these problems helped us select Innovative Stone to be one of our main products for exterior concrete.


What is it?

Innovative Stone is an overlay resurfacing product applied by hand with a trowel. It consists of an exterior epoxy resin mixed with a natural stone aggregate.


Common applications:

Driveways, sidewalks, patios, decks, showrooms, retail.


What is Involved?

1. Pressure wash; diamond grind or scarify (if necessary)

2. Repair cracks and any spalling/deterioration

3. Densify existing concrete to prevent future deterioration

4. Apply epoxy base coat primer

5. Apply stone overlay at 3/8"-1/2"


Reglazing your Innovative Stone:

You are required to reglaze your stone overlay every 5 years. It is important to only use our exterior grade epoxy to reglaze the stone. Regular concrete sealers are not compatible and may cause severe discolouration. We offer discounted rates on the reglaze of our own stone finishes.


What is the warranty?

Innovative Stone comes with a 3 year warranty.

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