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We offer a variety of products to suit your needs. From commercial to industrial coatings there are many options based on your needs.


What is it?

Our Epoxy Quartz coating is a resin type coating system that consists of a tinted epoxy base coat, coloured quartz broadcast, and a clear glaze.


Common applications:
 Patios/Balconys, Showrooms, Warehouses, Mechanic Shops, Retail Stores, Industrial & Commercial.


What Is involved?

1. Diamond grinding of the entire surface

2. Repair cracks and any spalling/deterioration

3. Tinted epoxy base coat 12-14 mil*

4. Quartz broadcast

5. Clear epoxy or polyaspartic glaze 10-12 mil


*1 mil=0.001 inches


Reglaze your Quartz:

You will be required to reglaze the Quartz Coatings every 10-20 years depending on the traffic.  Keeping the surface clean, and free of road debris will help increase the life of your Quartz system.  The cost of a reglaze is much less than the original finish, and will be applied at the same consistent thickness as originally installed.


What is the warranty?

We offer a 10 year warranty on this system.

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